Monday, October 10, 2016

Creating an "accurate" NES NTSC Color Palette

On the heels of comparing existing color palettes included with the Hi-Def NES and AVS I decided to see if the BMD IP4K could capture composite video from the original NES.  To my surprise, the IP4K does, so the creation of a NTSC palette was imperative.  While the unsaturated palette claims to be an "accurate" palette, I've found that there are a number of color errors in the palette that I surmise are the result of inaccurate capture equipment.  The errors are consistent with lossy color space conversion (green/purple errors).  See below for an illustration of my palette (NTSCU.PAL) compared to the existing capture based palette.

If you'd like to try my NTSCU palette, you can download it here.

Here are some examples of the NTSCU palette in action.



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  1. this is the proper NES palette: